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  1. Robert Chirwa

    Students should sit around the court. Expensive seating should be moved up so that the gentle alumni who love Kentucky Basketball should sit further from the court. Rupp has become too quiet on Kentucky Basketball home games.

    1. UKkathy

      Robert is absolutely correct. The more affluent fans are not as vocal as we rabid fans. Screaming and yelling and clapping should be nearest to the court and the players who we love so dearly. The older fans love them, too, but they are not vocal and that gives an appearance which does not translate well to the players or TV audience. We need to bring down the house at each game. Of course, money talks, and this will not happen unfortunately. I live in Louisville and am an avid, out of my mind, fan. Going to Rupp is such a rush and supporting our Wildcats is a highlight to treasure.

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  3. Bruce Broecker

    Students should understand that nothing is free. If students sit around the court then they should have the opportunity to pay for it. Those “gently alumni” that sit low pay an extremely high price for those tickets. Those tickets that support financially the basketball program. If you want the free Wi-Fi, the free seat backs, the free free free everything then someone has to pay for it. Are the students willing?

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