Fan Experience Survey

Fan Experience Survey

Cats fans everywhere are invited to share ideas for the reinvention of Rupp Arena by taking the Fan Experience Survey below. (Can’t see the survey? Click here to open it in a new page.)

A public meeting discussing preliminary plans for inside Rupp will be held Wednesday, January 8 at the downtown Hyatt Regency Ballroom. The event will also be live-streamed.


  1. josh combs

    I would like to suggest that they make the tickets affordable for every uk fan & not about the rich people,They need to be the same price for everybody that wants to go watch them play & also get good opponents like, Ohio State, Michigan State, UCLA, USC out of California, Indiana, opponents that uk fans that can enjoy it, & put the student section close to the floor & not up in the nose bleed section, & have chairbacks in the upper arena like they do in the lower part of rupp arena. We just need an arena that is about the fans of the commonwealth. I understand they get these other opponents to build our team up,but they also need to get oppponents that will be competitive with uk each time they play. I would also like to see them play more in state schools like western ky, alice Lloyd, & im fine with them playing weaker opponents, but like I said we need opponents from out west to play also. Thank you & happy new year & god bless.

    Josh Combs

  2. John Kyser

    Chair-Back seating for all is the most important addition to Rupp Arena. In the meantime allowing portable chair-back seating (like in Commonwealth) should be allowed. I personally have serious lower back issues which is making it very hard for me to attend without back support. Will probably have to give up my seats after this year due to bench seating.

  3. Walter Leonard

    Please replace the giant big speaker rig with a huge multi-sided video board.
    All of the other plans seem ideal and that is the biggest discrepancy that I see between all other models in newer venues.
    Rupp needs to appear new, and truly be a real state-of-the-art type of facility, and the center piece is that big white elephant speaker hanging in front of everyones face. OLD technology that is equal to having an old CRT monitor on a new computer. That doesn’t work at all.

  4. Fred Baumann

    I have been a season ticket holder for UK basketball games since the arena was opened. I think its a great facilty. Other than providing chairback seating in the upper deck, and improving the bathrooms, I don’t think there needs to be radical change in its look. The parking lot behind the arena needs to remain. If someone wants to do something along town branch creek,, do it along Manchester Street/Old Frankfort Pike where its already exposed. The city and the state has no business incurring additional substantial debt, just to keep up with Louisville.

  5. Doug Newton

    I wold really like to see and hear a noise meter in Rupp. Have different universities going up and at the top have Blow the roof of of Rupp. We could have the loudest arena in the nation.

  6. Bobbie Barlowe

    I can remember being a little girl coming to Lexington from Hazard and being so very excited to see the sign for Rupp Arena. I always wanted to just go inside. The first time I saw a game there I was in tears, and not because we lost, because, of course, we didn’t. I believe this renovation will benefit both the city and the University and will help us compete with the Yum center…sticking to our cross state deep rivalry. I am looking forward to seeing what the Mayor and committee have come up with.

  7. Norma Jean

    I remember going to Rupp back in 1978 to see my first Rock Concert Kiss I was 16 years old and then Ted Nugent, been to alot of awesome shows there, Def Leppard back on Oct 31, 1987 was the best, I miss coming down there and going to Great Rock Shows, Its not the same any more. And that is sad :(

  8. Connie Reid

    Lexington is a beautiful place! Love visiting!! So much culture and activities to do! So many shopping and eating opportunities! I believe an updated Rupp will bring in many shows, concerts and events to this city, resulting in more revenue for Lexington!

  9. Benjamin Kelley

    Rupp is in desperate need of a gigantic facelift. I wish that the changes would enhance the watch-ability of the game from the upper level where most people that go to just a few games a year are able and/ or afford to sit. If at all possible it would be great to have replay screens hanging from the center rafters instead of that awkward looking monstrosity that has hung there since its conception. The place also needs color,the interior looks like the insides of a warehouse (concrete,drab,gray,dark) . Independent flat screen monitors would be nice in the upper decks. Seat-backs would be a plus in the upper level as well as possible decreasing the incline on the seats for safety and a better view. Finally I would wish that the corridors would be updated and additional bathrooms built. Rupp Arena is a place that draws people from all of the State and the nation.I would like to see the capacity of the Arena stay the same if not expand. The inflated price of tickets makes the consumers want more of a quality experience. If the quality of the Arena isn’t adequate one can actually view a game at a bar or at home more enjoyably with friends because television technology has improved vastly in the last 10-15 years. in the upper level if you have to get up in the game you get a sense of vertigo because of the incline when you get up and are seen as a nuisance when you have to squeeze through the tight confines along each row. Thank you for listening. GO CATS!!

  10. Tony Geinzer

    I have a wildly unorthodox idea for the Rupp Arena District: Why not persuade a Sprint Cup, Lucas Oil, USAC, IndyCar or NHRA Team Shop to be near the University of Kentucky? I know I am being out of the box, but, I want to see racing jobs in Central Kentucky,too.

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