The Rupp Arena, Arts and Entertainment District encompasses 46 city-owned acres surrounding Lexington Center and Rupp Arena, plus surrounding blocks.

The Rupp District represents a historic opportunity to awaken our downtown through reinvention and revitalization of Lexington’s urban core. It is an opportunity to leverage the city’s assets, honor our history and our culture and create an engaging downtown experience.


  1. Max Morris

    I am all for the remodeling of Rupp but I am curious why there is no mention of “corporate luxury boxes?” Is it because they have been eliminated or omitted to prevent controversy?

    The two things that I would be against are: 1) the ellimination of ANY seating within the arena; and 2) raising the cost of season or individual seats to off set the cost of luxury boxes.

    If luxury boxes are to be added they should be financed by the individuals or corporations that will occupy them and not at the expense of No exceptions.

    Keep Rupp for the masses, not the richest.

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