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Photos, renderings and video from the Rupp District


Meet the architects, construction firm and project organizers

What’s your favorite memory from Rupp Arena?

“As a builder, watching Rupp being built was something else. I was in my 20’s then, and the energy in Lexington inspired us to move our family business here.” – Mayor Gray

“My mom was taking me to the Elvis concert but he passed before it happened. We then went to Sha Na Na in Feb. 1978. #firstconcert.” – Donnie

“When [Anthony] Davis blocked the shot during the NC game, I couldn’t even hear my own yelling because it was so loud.” – Lucas

“The first time stepping into Rupp at 7 years old and smiling from ear to ear. Rupp was real, not just a place on TV.” – Wayne

“Pitino’s first visit to Rupp after taking the Louisville job – and that Joe Crawford dunk!!!! #Amazing.” – Stan

“Favorite memories of Rupp involve cheering for my beloved Kentucky Wildcats when I did undergrad and grad at UK. Go Big Blue!” – Tonya

“Easily bought 100 different concert shirts in the ‘80s.” – Bill

“UK basketball games!” – Marsha

“I met my wife on the concourse of Rupp just before a Dan Fogelberg concert in 1981. We were married in 1982 and still happily married. Sometimes while attending UK basketball games we take a lap around the concourse knowing that somewhere along the path, we cross where we first laid eyes on each other.” – Mark

“Rupp Arena where Kansas lost a game when they had been ahead by 10 with ten seconds left in the game.” – Arch

“My future wife and I attended the first game in Rupp against Wisconsin. At halftime they presented Coach Rupp with a blue rocker recliner. Why I thought I could get Coach Rupp’s autograph I have no idea but I went down to the floor and actually got it! I still have it today.” – Tom

“Bon Jovi 1989.” – John

“UK basketball Midnight Madness. Garth Brooks, best concert I’ve ever been to.” – Darrell

“Rajon Rondo’s last-second shot to beat South Carolina. And the Miami OH game. My nephew and I were in shock at halftime, down 18. Then we were rocked to see the comeback in the building and [John] Wall’s game winner!! Good times at Rupp!!” – Joe

UK basketball, Midnight Madness, the tourney, seeing Alabama in concert, graduation…” – Alana

“I have been to Rupp for every single type of event! From the first time my parents took me as a child to see the circus and monster truck events, and now to my adult years where I enjoy Rupp for concerts and basketball games. Rupp Arena has been a part of my life all my life.” – Jason

“Standing center court on my recent locker room tour!” – James

“First time in the arena was for Harlem Globetrotters with Curly Neal and Geese Ausbie.” – Jeff

The Partners

Commonwealth of Kentucky
Lexington Center Board
City of Lexington
University of Kentucky
Lexington Convention & Visitors Bureau
Lexington Downtown Development Authority